The Life of an Army Wife

The life of an ARMY Wife, Stay-at-home mom, student and teacher!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why Oh Why!!

Why do people criticize me for NOT being on WIC? Let me give a little background. I live on a military base overseas. WIC is advertised here as "not welfare but a military benefit." I don't agree with that at all, but that's beside the point. Everybody that lives on this base qualifies. WIC's motto is we never turn anyone down That's great and even better for the people that actually do need it. I, however, don't need it. I can afford to buy my own milk, bread, eggs and cereal, which is all WIC covers.

Since everyone here gets WIC coupons every week, I get asked all the time why I don't. I tell them I don't need it and I usually get the response, "well, we don't NEED it, but anyone can get it and you get milk, eggs, etc FREE." I usually reply with a simple that's good, but we're not going to do it. Then people get all defensive as to why they do as if I attacked them. Then most people can actually make me feel bad for saying anything, when I didn't start the conversation, didn't ask any questions and didn't pass any judgement. Damn, just because I don't need hand outs from the government to get my daily supply of calcium doesn't give anyone the right to judge me.

Really, this is so backwards....

Friday, March 11, 2005

My 1st Post

Well this is my first post. Here I will be talking about being the wife of an active duty soldier and the rants and rambles that come along with it. I will also discuss the new love of my life, my 5 month old baby girl. And anything else I find blog worthy. Hope you enjoy!